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A Statement From Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards

Heartbreaking as it is, the announcement of the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2020 is carefully considered and responsible. Our health comes first.

The Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards prides itself on discovering up and coming comedy talent at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2019 we judged over 650 different comedy shows. Many of our winners and nominees have gone onto achieve extraordinary heights on Stage, Radio, TV and Film.

Standing alongside the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, we are hitting the pause button for 2020 and look forward to celebrating our 40th Awards in 2021 in what we believe will be a bumper year for comedy.

During this unprecedented period of lockdown as you stay safely in your homes, you can still enjoy the very best talent Edinburgh has created as you find our nominees and winners online, on podcasts, on radio, on TV and of course on Dave.

Never have we needed laughter as much as we do today.